Thursday, March 24, 2011

MIA for a while!!!Iff

Man, a lot has been going on since November. We found out that we were moving to Fayetteville, NC cause my hubby got a government job with the army. I am thankful that I get to transfer my job as a Phlebomist down to Fayetteville and not have to start another JOB hunt. SO we had all our house good packed up and gone before Thanksgiving. We went to Jacksonville, FL for Thanksgiving. That was a lot of fun, Having the Deich family all together again minus on part of the family, Keri and the girls. After that Hubby and I went back to Maryland leaving Matthew with Grandma and Grandpa Deich for a week so we can clean the house up and getting our moving goods at the new house in Fayetteville on Dec 1st.

Finally got all our stuff here and had to go down and get Matt from the In-laws. That is when we got a surprise. We found out we will be expecting another little one. Don't know when yet since we have no insurance for 2 wks with the changing of jobs from contractor to DOD. We didn't know until Jan 3rd. Richelle had her baby boy finally on dec 6th. His name is Bryan. We got to see them at Christmas time it was great having family in for the holidays.

Jan 3 came around and at that point we are 12 wks and 2 days. Due July 20th. I am very happy but scared to death about having another one running around the house. Matthew is a hand full as it is. I am hoping for a boy and hubby thinks its a girl. We will see feb 25th of what we are having. Matthew has been going back and forth from calling the baby Mater and Lighting. Its so cute. With I hope its a boy so I can do the Car theme on his ultrasound pics.

Feb 25th is finally here. Hubby and I have our first date night tonight in a really really much needed long time. We have a bet, if its a boy i get to pick were we eat (Japanese restaurant) if it a girl we get to pick (brewery). Guess who wasn't shy about telling daddy what it was. Butt shot all the way and we are having a BOY!!!

We are naming our baby boy Nathan Daniel! Granted Matthew would rather name him Mater. LOL. Lately we have getting excited about his arrival. Matthew will see the ultrasound pics and say "my baby". We registered at Babies R us not a whole lot just the much need things like bottles, and paceys. Swaddle blankets, things like that.

Matthew had been having Play therapy and speech every week so that has been keeping him busy an awful lot. He is getting so much better at talking it nice to know what he wants. We have him enrolled for onces a week preschool starting in august and hope to have him in soccer if we don't miss sign ups. He loves to help daddy work. When daddy is working on something he says he's working. lol We just got a riding lawn mower and he is in love with it more than his daddy is. He tells us he wants to drive. KIDS!!!

I got a chance to go to Myrtle Beach with a group of wonderful ladies that I met on and we meet every tuesday and the third friday of every month for scrapbooking. It was a lot of fun and a much needed break. We have 2 vacations lined up this year before Nate is born. we are going to the mountains for easter break with the deich family. Then in June we are going to florida with my mom and stepdad and brother. Then we plan to take Matthew to see Cars 2 June 24th or so. He is so excited about seeing that movie.

Think we are finally caught up and will hopefully post more pics of all the things we are doing and have more craft projects in the works.