Thursday, May 6, 2010

Everyday Life

Well, It has been awhile since I have posted on anything about my life. So, here we go.
Matthew has been going into daycare a couple days a week now and has gotten so much better with his speech. He has been saying a lot more and has gotten a little personality on him too. His face expressions lately will make you smile and laugh for hours. He is such a joy to have. Even though; the little booger wants to explore and not listen to anything you say. The only thing that seems to work is Time outs spanken don't do anything for this child. Lol He has been trying to potty on the the potty, he was at daycare on Tuesday and he had pottied twice on the potty, but when he comes home he doesn't want to do it. All we can do it try. We are not pushing it on him or anything. He thinks its great to be a big boy. He is also very much into Cars, especially the cars movie and etc. He loves train, Thomas is his favorite. Planes and regular cars and trucks too.

The hubby is loving his new job now. I have now clue on what he is doing but he loves it I guess. He has some job interviews coming up for Government work, in either Charlottesville VA, or Norfolk Va, I would love to move to Norfolk but I really have a liking where I am today. He is looking into all his hunting and fishing here. He has a lot more time now that he works 40 hours and they kick him out when he has 40 hours too. Since we don't have too many friends we really have spent a lot of time together as a family and it really has made our marriage a lot closer and better too. He still wants to deploy though which I can't blame him that is all he has know being in the Marine Corps.

Things with me has gotten a lot better and boy do I mean a lot better. I was so depressed when I got here it wasn't even funny. I started Matthew in swim lessons and have met a friend her name is Cheryl and her daughter Kaitlyn. They play so well together. I have joined a scrap-booking group up in Bowie, MD and the gals up there are so great. I am really blessed to have them apart of my life. I also join a stampin up group too with a few of the ladies from the scrapbook group too. Its great to see them at least twice a month. I also found a really cool blog site, thanks to Heather Palmer. I will be posting my work that I have wanted to build on here soon, I am still a work in progress. Its call Knock of wood. I will have pictures of that soon too. Also, I even started up this blog to help keep me busy too. I have been working a lot this month too. I am currently in the process of getting hired on as a contractor (examiner) with to other companies. It has been a slow process but its working for us right now. We have the entire Deich family up for my birthday weekend (which is Memorial day weekend) to visit. Us girls and kids will be going to D.C and the guys are going Deep sea fishing. It should be a great time. I know I can't wait.

I hope to have more of a better up date soon, its kind of been just us lately keep checking back for more crafts that I made or even find out what we have been up too.