Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Wow, I had been gone for a really long time. I had the wonderful opportunity to see my best friend in PA for a couple days. I haven't seen the Young's for about 4 years. We also went to SC for my husband best friends wedding. That was a fun but eventful weekend. We had just celebrated my son's birthday too. I have been really busy. I have worked on a few projects over the summer that I am either still working on, forgot to take a picture or I still haven't taken a picture yet. I am still working on my nieces quilt, make 40 baby shower invites for my SIL, getting ready to make 40 of mine own Christmas cards, and in the process of making baby shower gifts too. I went to my monthly scrapbooking group and was there for 5 hours and only make one page. SO, SO, SO sad.

My hubby was nice enough to purchase a Gypsy for me. Hopefully, that will come in the mail here really soon. I so need to get organized a lot better so I can do more work. I am hoping to move out of this house into something better come next March then that way I can get better organized, this house that we are renting doesn't make it easy to really scrapbook or even make anything since I am currently using my sewing table as a computer desk at the moment. LOL

Picture will come soon.

Check back since I am back since summer is finally settling down.